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Passion Fish


Roger Davidson

One of the many great film works of director John Sayles (Matewan), this incredibly original story introduces us to a soap opera actress (Mary McDonnell), who has recently been paralyzed in a car accident. She moves back to her Louisiana family home, where she becomes a self-proclaimed "Bitch on Wheels", and where she can be miserable to her hearts content. Then, after a string of nurses, her latest one (Alfre Woodard) stands up to her and refuses to put up with McDonnell's stubbornness towards recovering.

Like all Sayles films, this one has perfect dialogue, acting, directing, editing and atmosphere. McDonnell and Woodard give their best performances to date, as they play off each other quite beautifully. It's not Sayles' greatest work, but it's very near the top of the list.

My Rating = Four Stars

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