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Passenger 57


Roger Davidson

Passenger 57
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Wesley Snipes stars in yet another Die Hard retread, as a special airline security expert, whose vacation flight is hijacked by a group of terrorists. Led by the sadistic Charles Rane (Bruce Payne), it's up to Snipes to retake the aircraft. With the help of flight attendant Marti (Alex Datcher), he sets about dispatching the group one by one, until he has to fight mano a mano with Payne.

Snipes is quite good as an action hero, but the material could have been far more original. Most of the supporting characters are disgusting and annoying stereotypes. The story also has a needless subplot involving Snipes and a racist Southern police chief. Payne doesn't have much to offer in the villainy department, since Alan Rickman, Jeremy Irons and virtually every other British actor have played this kind of role before. And much better too!!

My Rating = Two Stars

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