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Roger Davidson

Pagemaster, The
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As I said before, Culkin was cute once, but enough with these dippy vanity productions. Culkin plays yet another cute-spunky little kid, who is sucked into the animated world of classic literature, where he meets an odd assortment of characters. Among them, there are his trusty trio of sidekicks, magic talking books (voiced respectfully by Whoopi Goldberg, Frank Welker and Patrick Stewart).

This Disney wannabe has nothing to offer either adults or kids, except for maybe Culkin's star power. And we all know how lucky Culkin's star power has been for recent productions. Plus, the message that reading is important is laid on real thick. The animated sequences are standard and are so devoid of wonder and fulfillment, that it's no big surprise that kids will start snoring heavily before the film is even halfway through.

My Rating = One Star

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