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This is my last review of movies in the theaters. This movie, Outbreak, is the most tense movie I've seen in years. It is about how a deadly virus breaks out in a small California town and the government plans to try and stop a lethal outbreak. When I said tense, I meant it. It had me on the edge of my seat trying to find out who would win, the scientists trying to stop the outbreak or the virus? There is another good performance by Dustin Hoffman as the head scientist in charge of stopping the virus.

The first five minutes are good taking us into the jungle where the virus evolved. But, the next fifteen minutes after are a little slow. Slow, that is, until people start dying. Then, it never lets up for the entire movie. It is very fast paced, very interesting subject matter and very scary. The reason it's scary is that something like this did happen out in Virginia...almost. The disease is spread by a monkey that is imported into America. At first, the virus can only spread by certain types of physical contact. Then, it evolves into an airborne disease killing off hundreds of people. The supporting cast is quiet good. Rene Russo from "In the Line of Fire", Morgan Freeman, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Donald Sutherland as the bad guy.

It is very realistic in the way you watch the virus take effect and the ways the scientists and army controls it. The last few minutes, for you action fans, are a wild ride in a sort of race-against-time climax that will have you on the edge of your seat.

My Rating = Four Stars

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