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One Fine Day


Roger Davidson

One Fine Day
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Finally, a good romantic comedy that isn't recycled corniness and sweetness from some of Hollywood's romantic classics. Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney play two workaholic single parents, who spend a hectic day trying to juggle their work schedule and parenthood duties. The two bickering parents make a compromise. Clooney will take care of the kids while Pfeiffer gets through an important business meeting. Pfeiffer will do the same for Clooney, while he (a newspaper columnist) is out chasing an important story. But with two restless kids, it's not going to be a very fine day (despite the ironic title).

This film's story rises above the typical romance cliches, thanks to a relentlessly fast pace that will make you feel like you're out of breath. Pfeiffer and Clooney's great acting and good chemistry with each other and the kids (a well-known acting nightmare) help the story even more. This also has a lot to say about the ups and downs of single parenthood. This film is full of ups and hardly any downs.

My Rating = Four Stars

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