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Once Upon a Time in the West


Roger Davidson

Once Upon a Time in the West
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I have gotten many suggestions from the letters that I have been getting, to see this movie. Well, in three short words, I liked it. It's not as quick as "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," But has very exciting scenes. The story centers around Charles Bronson as a Man-with-no-name type hero (or anti-hero, which ever you chose) who comes to a small western town to get revenge on a gunslinger (Henry Fonda, in a surprising turn as a heartless villain) who is now trying to steal land for the railroad from a Widow (Claudia Cardinale), who's husband Fonda killed.

There are three films I think are the best of Leone's work. They are "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," "Once Upon A Time In America" (the complete uncut version) and this film. The scenes in here are slowly paced but it gives suspense all the way to the end. Fonda, as I said before, becomes a true villain by first trying to kill Cardinale then to start having sex with her to get her to come to his side. Jason Robards also has a memorable role as a famous gunslinger that helps Bronson out of jams. You can find this on AMC (American Movie Classics) all the time or in the video store. You should see this in Letter-Boxed form so you can see this masterpiece spread out more.

My Rating = Four Stars

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