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The Omen


Roger Davidson

Omen, The
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Not as great as The Exorcist, but almost as good. Gregory Peck and Lee Remick play the adoptive parents of Damien, a little boy, who is their pride and joy. However, recent incidents make Peck suspicious of the boy. First, the boy's nanny hangs herself in front of his own eyes. Then, a new nanny is hired, though she seems as cold as stone and very wary of the parents. Also, there is a big black dog hanging around the house more and more. Soon, a photographer (David Warner) attracts the attention of Peck, when the photographer tells him that his child may be more than he seems. Peck and Warner then begin to delve into the Damien's past. They find trouble along the way, including a pack of wolves that nearly rip them apart. They find out, from the priest, who gave Damien to Peck, where Damien's mother is buried and they find out something very surprising. After they find the mother, Peck begins to realize that his son, his pride and joy, may be the Antichrist.

Just as they are finding out more about Damien, Warner is decapitated in a "freak" accident, heightening Peck's suspicions. When his wife is also killed, he suspects that the nanny (Bille Whitelaw) has something to do with it. Whitelaw has now taken to keeping the dog around as a protector of the child. Is the child the Antichrist or isn't he? Well, two sequels to this film probably should tell you something. The performances are pretty good, especially Whitelaw as the cold and cunning nanny. Though it relies at times on gore, rather than suspense, it still packs a punch.

My Rating = Three Stars

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