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Omaha: The Movie


Roger Davidson

Here's an odd little film. It's a low-budget comedy, made for less than $40,000. The story follows the adventures of Midwestern boy Simon (Hughston Walkinshaw), who has been on a spiritual journey in Nepal and has returned home to Omaha. Simon has returned a changed man. He is a practicing Buddhist and seems to have learned how to deal with the world around him. However, he lives with his nutty parents and siblings, who are slowly driving him crazy and has hooked up with his even crazier ex-flame, Gina (Jill Anderson), an expert of Tae Kwon Do.

To calm himself, Simon chews on sacred prayer stones he got in Nepal. Gina believes they might be emeralds, so they decide to find out if they're real or not. But, unbeknownst to Gina and Simon, two Colombian jewel thieves have taken an interest in the stones. So, a chase ensues across Nebraska, all the way to a monument called "Carhenge", an absurd recreation of England's Stonehenge.

A extremely bizarre comedy, Omaha is an interesting piece of work from producer Dana Altman (Robert's grandson) and director Dan Mirvish. I'd say it captures the boredom of Midwestern life quite nicely. Some excellent performances from Walkinshaw and Anderson and some great cinematography contribute greatly to this film. Well, hilarious cameos from Nebraska Governor Richard Roth and Omaha Mayor P.J. Morgon couldn't hurt. My only complaint is the maddeningly slow pace of some scenes. During those moments, it seems like nothing is going to happen and that there is no real point for those scenes, except perhaps to create the boredom of Midwestern living. I got the point without those scenes. By the way, this is playing mostly at film festivals and art house theaters, so it might not be in your local theater. If you can find it, go to it. It's a must-see.

My Rating = Three Stars

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