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Roger Davidson

Oliver & Company
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Recently re-released in theaters, after spending a decade in movie limbo, this pleasant Disney updating of Oliver Twist to a New York setting, with animals in the roles, is quite enjoyable kids and adults. Here's the gist of it. An orphaned kitten (voice of Joey Lawrence) meets up with a group of pick-pocket dogs, lead by the free-spirited Dodger (Billy Joel), who take a liking to little Oliver. Of course, a Disney animated film is not without it's villains. This time, it's in the form of two bloodthirsty Dobermans and their criminal master, Sykes (Robert Loggia).

The animation isn't up to standards with some of Disney's earlier and recent 90's efforts, but the acting is enjoyable and the fine music (from Joel, Huey Lewis and Bette Midler) is the closest Disney has ever come to a rock score. It might not be a remembered classic like Pinocchio or Bambi, but it's definitely good enough for me.

My Rating = Three Stars

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