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The Nutty Professor


Roger Davidson

Nutty Professor, The
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A hilarious showcase for comic actor Eddie Murphy, this is the comeback of Murphy's career that a lot of people have been waiting for. In this remake of the classic Jerry Lewis comedy, Murphy plays Professor Sherman Klump (one of seven roles he plays here), a overweight lonelyheart. After being ridiculed constantly by his peers and his students, he decides to test out a serum he's been working on. The serum turns him from shy, geeky Klump into outrageous, egotistical Buddy Love (a wicked self-parody of Murphy's lothario persona).

This has so many great reasons why this is good, I fear I might take all day listing them. So I've narrowed it down to these precious few. 1)Murphy's performance: He proves, by playing five of his seven roles in one scene, that he is a man in his comic prime. The dinner scenes with Murphy playing Klump, Klump's brother, mother, father and grandmother are hysterical proof of that. He also shows a sweet side in his role as Klump, an acting choice I don't think Murphy should regret. 2)The great special effects and editing job: They work in many ways, because of Murphy's excellent ability to play off not only other actors, but himself as well. 3)It's far better than Lewis' version from thirty years before, thanks to some heavily updated humor and some of the funniest scenes of flatulence since Blazing Saddles. And finally: 4)Murphy keeps the movie going like a rollercoaster, making some action films seem limp by comparison. You'll have a grand old time with this one. Stay tuned during the closing credits for some very funny outakes.

My Rating = Four Stars

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