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Roger Davidson

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Then again, Casper is practically Gandhi compared to this cliched one-joke film. The one-joke revolves around a popular kid (Elijah Wood) and his search for new parents, because he assumes his old parents never appreciated his talent and skills. He travels all over the world looking for the right couple, but there is always something he finds wrong about them.

How director Rob Reiner got set up with this stinker is beyond anyone's knowledge. At least he's bounced back somewhat with The American President. Wood, who is usually a very charismatic actor, doesn't seem believable. He seems too adult at times and then seems too childish for his own age. Bruce Willis, as Wood's guardian angel, is the only spark of life in this so-called comedy. What angers me the most is that the film reinforces all the stupid stereotypes about certain places, like Texas, Hawaii and Alaska. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!!!

My Rating = One Star

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