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Nobody's Fool


Roger Davidson

Nobody's Fool
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A delightful little film which proves that Paul Newman is still one of the best American actors ever. Newman stars as an aging childlike man, who spends most of his time trying to fix other's lives up, instead of working on his own. He has a love-hate relationship with the various townsfolk, including his work partner (Pruitt Taylor Vince), his occasional boss (Bruce Willis) and his cantankerous old landlady (Jessica Tandy, in a charming farewell performance). He also must deal with the trials of his grown-up son (Dylan Walsh), whom Newman left when he was just a baby.

With a witty, inventive screenplay and a cast of slightly eccentric characters, Newman towers in a relatively simple role of an Everyman. The supporting cast is just as good, giving realistic, complicated characterizations. A small sleeper film which has been nearly overlooked by the critics and public, this is something that's perfect to see on a rainy day.

My Rating = Four Stars

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