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Nine Months


Roger Davidson

Nine Months
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The most recent tale about pregnancy and child care, the comedy talks about the trials of being an expectant parent through a young couple (Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore). Grant is rather afraid of having a child and Moore is overprotective of her body, figuring that the simple act of sex will hurt the child. They meet an incredibly bizarre couple (Tom Arnold and Joan Cusack) who have children and are trying to show the joys of Parenthood. Plus, it seems that their baby is going to be delivered by an inexperienced Russian doctor, played by Robin Williams (bad accent, No).

All and all, the laughs are scattered slapstick, which isn't surprising since this is from the same director of "Home Alone". The performances are good, especially Grant as the expectant father, but Moore comes off as a bit of a ditz and Williams is just pathetic, trying to regain his former title as "King of Comedy" (it seems that was lost last year when Jim Carrey took over). "Nine Months" only explains some of the parental issues of today, but not all. Abortion isn't even mentioned, save once. So far, I think one of the main reasons that anybody saw this was because of Grant's recent arrest. It seems that a scandal actually boosts a films box-office, but the film maker's certainly don't live up to the expectations of movie-goers.

My Rating = Two Stars

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