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A Nightmare on Elm Street


Roger Davidson

Nightmare on Elm Street, A
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Though some may not agree with me, Nightmare is probably the best horror film next to Psycho. It tells of how a group of teens seem to be having the same horrible nightmare, about a man with a scarred face, dirty hat and shirt and a glove with four razor-sharp knives attached to it. He starts to murder the teens one by one, using their own fears and dreams to get at them. You see (for those of you who don't know already), he is the ghost of a child-killer, who was burned to death by adults, including the parents of the dead children. So he decides to go after the children of his murderers for revenge.

The thing I always liked more about Freddy, than I ever liked about Michael or Jason, is that Freddy's not a stupid killer in a hockey mask, who hacks up stupid teenagers. Freddy (Robert Englund) uses imaginative ways for his victims to die, using what they most hate, fear or love against them. Say, for instance, there is a girl, who hates bugs with a vengeance. What could be an interesting way of killing her? Why, turning her into a bug of course! Kudos to director Wes Craven for bringing us one of the most imaginative horror films ever. My one complaint is the lousy ending. But I won't tell you why I think this for fear of ruining the ending for you. Nightmare will always be the number one horror movie in my book.

My Rating = Four Stars

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