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The Net


Roger Davidson

Net, The
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Now here's a film that's close to home for me. The story follows like a John Grisham novel. A young computer fanatic (Sandra Bullock) stumbles onto secret information about a political suicide. She copies that information onto a disk and from that moment, she is pursued by a charming government assassin (Jeremy Northam) and her whole life is erased by a secret organization, who want the disk. She gets help only from herself and her computer knowledge.

An interesting thriller, with plenty of suspense. Bullock pulls off a challenging role quite well. Northam's killer is quite sly and suave. Dennis Miller has a very small part as Bullock's ex-therapist, who tries to help Bullock, but ends up dead. The film is interesting for the Hitchcock style of the person wrongly accused of a crime and trying to clear his/her name. Plenty of interesting moments and good acting, The Net is mainly for those who have a lot of knowledge about computers and enjoy suspense.

My Rating = Three Stars

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