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Needful Things


Roger Davidson

Needful Things
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A simply awful horror film, this is the pits. The devil (Max Von Sydow) comes to a small Maine town to open up a store. The price for each item, one soul. Ed Harris plays the sheriff of the town, who seems to be content with his life. However, the other citizens seem to think they must go to Needful Things to keep on living, but it is more of a place for dying as Von Sydow turns the entire town against one another.

The good cast is shamefully wasted. You know you're in trouble when the devil starts speaking like one of those wise-cracking, Freddy Kreuger wannabes. Harris tries hard to be the manly hero, but it isn't convincing. The souls of the town seem to be good folk, like Bonnie Bedelia as Harris' fiance, until they come across Von Sydow. J.T. Walsh however, as the town's corrupt assemblyman, seems to be a villain just waiting for a set-up. Some people say that King's novels are unfilmable, but that all depends on the direction, script and acting, and none of those can save this BOMB.

My Rating = One Stars

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