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Natural Born Killers


Roger Davidson

Natural Born Killers
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I liked this film a lot, though it's not as good as some people have made it out to be. The film follows a murderous couple (Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis) through their rampage across the country and in prison. The two leads are good, with a surprising turn by Harrelson as a cold-blooded killer, who only loves one thing, and that is the equally cold-blooded Lewis. There is some excellent cinematography, ranging from bizarre multi-colored camera angles to documentary style black-and-white.

The film was meant to be a satire on the media portrayal of killers and the basic way they overblow things, but I didn't find much funny about it. It's meant to be more of a serious satire than a humorous one. Quentin Tarantino disowned his original story, after drastic changes in the script. All he wanted was story credit, and actually, I can see why. It's not really his story. It doesn't have the usual black humor you find in his films. It's got more of Oliver Stone's serious controversial stuff than it has humor. Yet, for some reason, it has a sort of bizarre persona about it, that I would like to see it over and over again.

There are basically two good reason to see this film. One is the excellent performances by the likes of Harrelson, Lewis, Robert Downey Jr. as a sleazy TV journalist, Tommy Lee Jones as the sadistic warden of a prison and Tom Sizemore as a corrupt detective, who will stop at nothing to catch Harrelson and Lewis. The second reason is the eye-catching visuals. You will find that Stone raises some interesting questions and is rather truthful about how the media turns horrible things like murder into a feeding frenzy for the public. To this, I'm rather grateful to Stone.

My Rating = Three Stars

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