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Roger Davidson

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Here is Altman's masterpiece. Following the lives of 24 individual people through five days in Nashville. The movie has no real lead characters. They are all good and have equal performances. The film revolves around a political rally for a candidate who is never seen. Two of the aides to the rally (Ned Beatty and Michael Murphy) are trying to get country western performers to play at the rally. Among the group is a Loretta Lynn type (Ronee Blakley), who has just returned to singing after a breakdown. Keith Carradine, plays the star of a trio. He sleeps with a good number of women, including the wife (Christina Raines) of his partner. Henry Gibson plays the seasoned veteran performer, who's as mean as a rattlesnake and would sell his own mother for a gold record. All but one of the 24 characters end up either performing at the rally or in the audience.

Altman has said that he doesn't feel like he's actually with the characters, but rather he's spying on them, which would explain why we see and listen to the actors from a distance (as is Altman's usual style). Strangely, it took Altman 17 years, after this film, to get another hit. Though, 17 years of failures hasn't slowed Altman down one bit. The stand-out performances are from Blakley and Gwen Welles as an incredibly bad singer, trying to get a break in Nashville. I recommend this film and M.A.S.H. as the must-see films from Altman. Even if you don't like country, you'll still enjoy this film.

My Rating = Four Stars

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