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Mystery Science Theater 3000


Roger Davidson

Mystery Science Theater 3000
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It's a little too early to tell whether this is the funniest movie of the year, but it's certainly ONE of the funniest. Based on the popular cult TV show, Mike Nelson portrays none other than Mike Nelson, an average Joe who's been shot into space by an evil scientist. The scientist sends him the most bottom-of-the-barrel movies ever to be seen in this part of the universe. Mike keeps from going insane watching these flicks, with the help of his robot friend Crow and Tom Servo, who throw extremely funny insults and sarcastic observations at the screen. In the movie, the trio is forced to watch the dreadful 1955 sci-fi classic, This Island Earth. The movie stays true to the TV show, giving this movie the destination of a cult classic. Great lines and comedic talent in the cast keep this moving at about 90 mph. The only problem is that it's much shorter than the TV show, which would run at least two hours. This one runs a mere 70 minutes. It sort of leaves you wanting more. In this day and age, a sequel just might be expected. I think the filmakers can stop here though. It's too good to have anything bigger come after it.

My Rating = Four Stars

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