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Much Ado About Nothing


Roger Davidson

Much Ado About Nothing
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An adaptation from Kenneth Branagh of one of Shakespeare's better comedies, this is well-filmed and full of vibrant funny performances. It mainly follows the wooing of the bickering Beatrice (Emma Thompson) and Benedick (Branagh), more than it follows the love of Hero (Kate Beckinsale) and Claudio (Robert Sean Leonard). Among the supporting characters, it features the rivalry between Don Pedro (Denzel Washington) and his bastard brother Don John (Keanu Reeves). Then, there is the loony Dogberry (Michael Keaton) who is apparently the justice of the peace.

Branagh once again captures the flavor and the language of the bard, without making it tedious and boring. Most of the cast is excellent, with some surprisingly good acting from Washington and Keaton. If Reeves wasn't so stiff (as always) in his role, this would almost be one of Branagh's best achievements. And yet, Reeves doesn't hurt it that badly and you can still get plenty of enjoyment out of this one.

My Rating = Four Stars

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