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Mortal Kombat


Roger Davidson

Mortal Kombat
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This is yet another film based on a video game. Howevr, there is a difference. Mortal Kombat ends up being better than, say, Super Mario Bros. or Street Fighter. The plot follows three martial-arts experts to an island, where they must fight to the death to defend Earth from supernatural creatures. They must face enemies such as Sub-Zero, who can (for those of you who don't know already) freeze his foes and smash them to pieces. Also, there is Goro, a four-armed monster, who has never, ever been defeated. That might change. All of these enemies are the soldiers of Shang Tsung, an evil wizard from another dimension, who captures the souls of a vanquished enemy and enslaves them.

Though the acting is mediocre, the script is okay. However, forget the dialogue and pay more attention to some of the mind-boggling action sequences and excellent special effects. I can't really explain how this is better than the other films based on video games. Perhaps, the reason is that it's more like the game than the other ones were. Of course, lots of martial-arts action and special effects never hurt. There are some enjoyable moments for older kids and adults. Mainly from the character Johnny Cage, a vain movie star, who wants to prove that his moves aren't fake. He gets some of the best lines. Mortal Kombat isn't Enter The Dragon, but there are plenty of moves and action that would have made Bruce Lee proud.

My Rating = Three Stars

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