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Money Train


Roger Davidson

Money Train
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White Men Can't Jump lightning fails to strike again, in this latest teaming of Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. This incomprehensible action mess stars them as two adopted brothers (!), who are transit cops for the New York City subway system. In the course of two hours, they stop a mad arsonist from burning up toll takers, compete for the love of a fellow officer (Jennifer Lopez) and hijack a train carrying billions of dollars (hence the title).

Well, of the many problems, I'd have to say that it's as mindless and illogical as any action film ever made. It takes the film until the climax to live up to its title, but by then you've bailed out. Harrelson and Snipes, who worked together so well before, have almost no chemistry here. The script isn't exactly the bard either. I think we can derail this one off a cliff.

My Rating = One Star

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