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Modern Times


Roger Davidson

Modern Times
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The last great silent comedy, Charlie Chaplin finally retired the Little Tramp here. The Tramp (Chaplin) is trying to find work, which leads to the usual assortment of hilarious complications. This time, he has a young vagabond in tow (Paulette Goddard, Chaplin's wife at the time), who wants nothing more then to lead the good life. Chaplin on the other hand, is quite content with his homeless existence. But because he loves Goddard so much, he decides to try and make a living, so that they can afford a comfortable home.

One of Chaplin's brilliant comedies, he provides scene after memorable scene. The technical wizardry in this (including the sets and a few sound effects) are the best ever to be seen in a Chaplin film. The best scenes are the factory sequences, where Chaplin wreaks havoc on the gigantic mechanical works of the factories. Don't forget to see that final poignant shot. In Chaplin's last silent film, he found a way to continue the adventures of the Little Tramp and still make him seem fresh and unique, without having his character speak one word of sound (except for a nonsense song "Smile", which doesn't count since he sings it). Truly a great classic.

My Rating = Four Stars

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