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Mission: Impossible


Roger Davidson

Mission: Impossible
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One of the major box-office hits this summer, this vehicle for Tom Cruise actually stays somewhat true to it's TV origins. True, it's got a lot bigger action scenes than the TV show had, but it's also just as exciting as some of the old episodes. Cruise finds himself in the middle of a plot to frame him for the murder of his partners. Cruise must prove himself innocent, find the real culprits and save the world from evil (paging James Bond!).

Despite heavy criticism, the film holds its promise for an exciting rollercoaster ride. My favorite scene involves his break-in of CIA headquarters to steal a special disk. To reveal more would just cause anger among some of my readers. Let me finish by saying that, although this does have some gaping plot holes in the script, they are overwhelmed by the charismatic performance of Cruise and some the running of some great action sequences. Don't forget the excellent updating of the Lalo Schifrin score. It's worth a try.

My Rating = Three Stars

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