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Miracle on 34th Street


Roger Davidson

Miracle on 34th Street
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A Christmas holiday film, this one is just as good as It's A Wonderful Life. The lovable Edmund Gwenn portrays an elderly department store Santa, who claims he's the one and only Kris Kringle. He helps a child (young Natalie Wood) believe in the spirit of Christmas, as well as her workaholic mother (Maureen O'Hara). He even goes on trial (in some of the funniest scenes in the movie) to prove he's Saint Nick.

This is a charming comedy classic that also profits from good performances (including Oscar-winning Gwenn) and a witty screenplay from director-writer George Seaton. Wood is the standout, as a little girl who acts more adult than any of the grown-ups in this picture. This is one classic the kids will enjoy.

My Rating = Four Stars

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