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Mighty Aphrodite


Roger Davidson

Mighty Aphrodite
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One of Woody Allen's most recent comedies, Mighty Aphrodite is the story of a sports writer (Allen) who goes in search of the mother of his adopted son. He finds her in the form of a hooker (wonderfully played by Mira Sorvino), who seems not to be playing with a full deck upstairs. At first, he is astounded that a smart kid like his son could have come from the same gene pool as Sorvino. But then he becomes her friend, and attempts to set her up with a better existence than the one she has at the moment.

Uproariously funny, with the usual great Allen cast. Sorvino steals almost every scene she's in, and Allen has plenty of good moments. A great script, good direction, funny performances and a wonderful editing job make this extremely worth while.

My Rating = Four Stars

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