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Roger Davidson

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Fritz Lang's sci-fi classic was recently restored, with a new rock soundtrack by composer Giorgio Morodor. The year is 2000 and the setting is a massive city full of gigantic machines, run by slaves, who are nearly ready to start a revolution against the upper classes, who, at present, run the whole show. Brigitte Helm portrays both the innocent young girl, who tries to settle the disagreements between the two classes with peace and her robot double, who chooses to incite the revolution. All of this is set in motion by the maddest of mad scientists, Rotwang (Rudolf Klein-Rogge).

Many film buffs and film critics alike, heavily criticized the rock score of Morodor as being distracting to the visual feast before peoples eyes. However, you can do two things with the score. You can simply ignore it. Think of it as just part of the background, like all the piano music people used to listen to with the film in the early days of cinema. The music can even help tell you what's going on, just by listening to how the music is being played. I won't go into all that right now. But the second thing you can do, if you are watching this on TV or video, is just turn the volume down given you don't like the music. I mean, it's not like you can hear what the people are saying!. With Potemkin, this is one of the many great silent classics of the 20's. It was one of the most expensive at the time, but that doesn't make much difference. It's still very exciting, very heartwarming and very great art. That's right! Cinema can be art too and not just novelty items or empty-headed million dollar productions. It's hard to believe that these days, but it's true.

My Rating = Four Stars

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