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Mean Streets


Roger Davidson

Mean Streets
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The film that brought Scorsese into film history: the story of gang members, living and dying in the streets of New York, is probably his masterpiece. Harvey Keitel is excellent as the two-bit hood, Charlie, who wants to leave his dangerous life, but he also wants to keep his eye on the self-destructive Johnny Boy (Robert De Niro, in his first major performance).

Scorsese uses a lot of things to hold the audience's interest. For one, the masterful performances of Keitel and De Niro-a truly memorable teaming! Another masterful touch is the street smart screenplay. And finally, Scorsese using the camera to show the filth and grime of street-life. One of the things I always liked about Scorsese was that he keeps you interested in people who you would never care for or give a second thought to in real life. That is probably the biggest asset of Martin Scorsese's first film.

My Rating = Four Stars

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