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Roger Davidson

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After three days of film slime, I think some of you are ready for a good drama. You should really see this exquisite movie, about a young teenager (an unrecognizable Eric Stoltz) who has a disfiguring disease, which has deformed his face. His mother (Cher) has instilled a true sense of confidence in her son, and has been able to help her son get along with the rest of the world, a world with tendencies toward shutting out kids like Stoltz. But Stoltz is just a regular kid, who's had an irregular thing happen during his life. He is so likable, intelligent and compassionate, that most people see past his face and into Stoltz's true self.

A truly magnificent story! This is not one of those disease-of-the-week weepers you usually see on TV. The script and the filmakers dodge cliche after cliche so perfectly and are so realistic in telling the story, that you'd think you were watching real life, as viewed through a hidden camera. The performances are no less than brilliant. Cher does a surprising turn as the mother who is a loving, caring parent who truly wants her son to succeed in life. Stoltz of course is the real star, in one of his best performances to date. He gives so much feeling to his character, that after about two minutes you stop thinking of him as a teenage Elephant man, and start thinking of him as a regular kid, a kid with all the usual problems of any young teenager. Add this to your must-see list of films to watch.

My Rating = Four Stars

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