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The Mask


Roger Davidson

The Mask
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By far Jim Carrey's best film, mainly for the great blend of state-of-the-art special effects and Carrey's zany antics. Filmed partly like an old MGM cartoon, partly like a comic book, Carrey plays nebbish Stanley Ipkiss. Ipkiss is a complete loser, who has fallen head over heels in love with a sultry young singer (Cameron Diaz), who is the girlfriend of a brutal gangster. Then, after an incredibly lousy night, he finds a mystical-looking mask that changes him from a nerd to a super-cool, swinging human cartoon. Sporting a yellow zoot suit and a huge assortment of tricks and wonders, "The Mask" ends up being a wisecracking superhero, taking on the mob and capturing the heart of Diaz.

The film works because of the eye-popping visuals, the outstanding special effects, Carrey's non-stop antics and a gifted dog named Milo, a sort of canine sidekick for The Mask. Carrey also does an impressive metamorphosis from a geekish, average type of guy to the outlandish, fun-loving Mask. Diaz is a perfect sex bomb and Peter Riegert and Richard Jeni are great additional comic support, as (respectively) a police officer tracking The Mask and Carrey's best buddy. Compared to much of his later work, Carrey deserves at least some sort of award for his impeccable comic performance here.

My Rating = Three Stars

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