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Mars Attacks!


Roger Davidson

Mars Attacks!
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This film, which features an all-star ensemble, attempts to spoof two Sci-Fi genres. The first is the 1950's B movies about alien invasions. The second is the gung-ho-let's-kick-their-ass type of films like Independence Day. Tim Burton (Batman) directs this homage to the popular Tops trading cards, and the plot is simplicity itself. Aliens who claim to be on a peace mission, turn out to be not so nice after they liquidate congress. So, many of America's finest (but not brightest) humans do battle against the invading little creatures. Among them: The President of the US (Jack Nicholson), the first lady (Glenn Close), a pipe-smoking scientist (Pierce Brosnan), an ex-boxer (Jim Brown), a flaky new ager (Annette Bening), a Kansas farm boy (Lukas Haas) and his senile Grandmother (Sylvia Sidney), etc.

Well, this isn't the uproarious comedy that I was expecting. In fact, most of this Airplane wannabe's humor falls flat on its back. On the one hand, the actors seem to be having a ball with the roles they play, including Nicholson in a dual role as the President and a sleazy Las Vegas salesman. On the other hand, most of the actors chew up the scenery down to the core, leaving you with nothing incredibly appealing. Some of the performers, who get some pretty high billing, are only in for ten minutes tops throughout the entire movie. Danny DeVito is in and out of the film so quick, you barely even remember he was in the film in the first place.

If their is anything that redeems this, it's the great Burton visuals, which do a good job at capturing that 1950's B movie feel. The aliens are funny for awhile, but like many of the actors in this, they wear out their welcome quickly. So, should you go see this? Only if you desperately need a cure for insomnia.

My Rating = Two Stars

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