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El Mariachi


Roger Davidson

El Mariachi
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An amazingly action-packed little film, made by young newcomer, Robert Rodriguez (Desperado) for a mere $7000. The story follows a guitar playing musician (Carlos Gallardo), who comes to a small Mexican town, where he is mistaken for a brutal prison escapee. He's chased around by the cronies of the local crime boss, who want the escapee killed. The Mariachi hides out in a bar, owned by the beautiful Domino (Consuelo Gomez) with whom he falls madly in love with.

An arresting film, that is better than your average low-budget feature and is more entertaining than any action-packed gore fests Hollywood produces. The acting isn't brilliant, but it ain't half-bad either. Especially Gallardo's performance as the title character. He can be both charming and brutal in the same scene. The cinematography is excellent. The dream sequences in the film have an amazing surreal quality to them. True, this is no Citizen Kane, but Rodriguez's debut film is something that should not be overlooked by the modern moviegoer.

My Rating = Three Stars

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