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Marathon Man


Roger Davidson

Marathon Man
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Based on the William Goldman novel, the story follows a graduate student (Dustin Hoffman), who is thrust into a dizzying world of international intrigue and ruthless assassins. He is trapped in this world, because his spy brother (Roy Scheider) has special information, that is coveted by a deranged Nazi dentist (Laurence Olivier).

A generally unpleasant story, full of cold-blooded characters, a plot that could almost be a rip-off of Death Wish and repellent violence. Olivier gives the best performance. He plays the type of dentist that you have nightmares about. Olivier coined the famous line, "Is it safe?" Other than that, Hoffman is just a Jewish Charles Bronson, getting his revenge on the crazed Nazi. John Schlesinger (Midnight Cowboy) doesn't show his usual director's flare in this one. As for the movie entire? Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

My Rating = Two Stars

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