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Man with a Plan


Roger Davidson

A recent indie hit, this hilarious mockumentary (in the line of This is Spinal Tap) follows the campaign of Vermont farmer Fred Tuttle in his bid for the state congressional seat. Tuttle decides to do this to pay off the debts owed on his farm, not to mention his 95-year old father's hip operation. His opponent, William Blachley, attempts every mudslinging trick in the book to put a stop to Tuttle's campaign. But, oddly enough, Tuttle still seems to be winning, thanks in part to his charismatic charm and his wily sense of humor.

A brilliant blend of reality and fiction (Tuttle's real, the campaign is not) make this a very winning sleeper from director John O'Brien. There are some hysterical moments that take a stab at making fun of the government. It also tries to prove a point about the sick circus recent politics and political campaigns have become. And the filmakers, I'm sure, had a great time doing it. The real star, Fred Tuttle, is outstanding and a fascinating person to watch and is full of humorous, homemade anecdotes about American Politics today. This may not be an easy one to catch, but if it comes to your town, don't miss the opportunity to see it.

My Rating = Four Stars

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