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Roger Davidson

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Kevin Smith's follow-up to Clerks, this follows a group of young slackers, who spend the day hanging out at the mall. Two in particular are trying to win back their girlfriends (one of them being 90210's Shannen Doherty), as well as dodge the attempts by mall security to boot them out.

Smith's new comedy is a little too ambitious. He's trying to outdo what he did in Clerks, but he merely gains some moronic humor and limp sight gags. If anything, the good stuff comes from Smith the actor, who reprises his role as Silent Bob from Clerks. The rest of the good material comes, oddly enough, from Doherty. Despite the fact she gets top billing in this, she has barely 20 minutes of screen time total. Even the people with short attention spans (which this seems geared for) will want to pass this one up.

My Rating = Two Stars

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