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Magical Mystery Tour


Roger Davidson

Magical Mystery Tour
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Sadly, there isn't much that's magical or mystical about this tour. Think what it would be like if Ed Wood directed a Beatles TV special. That's what you get with this totally mindnumbing music video from the Fab Four. The incomprehensible story revolves around the Beatles journey through the countryside on a multi-colored tour bus, while we the viewers wait for something to happen. Nothing does.

Bad editing, cinematography, story and humor. None of the things that made the Beatles' first two films enjoyable. This was highly (and rightfully) criticized world-wide. You'd think the songs would redeem it somewhat, but the sound quality is so terrible, you'd think you were listening to an old record. Alas, the Fab Four tend to be even less interesting then the story. You could say that this was the first music video, but that's about the only thing going for it these days.

My Rating = One Star

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