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Mad Max


Roger Davidson

Mad Max
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This cult action classic was the turning point in Mel Gibson's acting career. Gibson plays a super cop in the near future, whose main job it is to keep roving bands of suicidal road-racers and biker gangs from causing havoc on the roadways. Eventually, Gibson quits, fearing mainly for his sanity. However, when his wife and child are killed by a sadistic group of motorcyclists, Gibson gets mad. Really mad!

The story is as simple as can be and the performances (save for the searing portrayal from Gibson) are mostly one-note, but man what action! You'll spend hours trying to figure out how Australian filmaker George Miller made such a spellbinding action film, featuring some of the most incredible auto stunts to date, with such a minimal budget. Poor American over-dubbing of the original Aussie accents hurt it more than anything else, but don't let that stop you from having a good time with this one.

My Rating = Three Stars

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