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Love and Death


Roger Davidson

Love and Death
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Tolstoi and Bergman seem to be the main targets of Woody Allen's satiric look at the Napoleonic wars. Allen is a cowardly soldier, who's in love with his cousin (Diane Keaton) and who unwillingly attempts to assassinate Napoleon. Being that his exploits always turn comically disastrous, it isn't going to be easy to convince Keaton that he loves her or much easier to take out Napoleon.

The laughs tend to come and go, but Allen and Keaton make a winning team (as they have in seven films together). Some of the shots at Bergman are delightfully tongue-in-cheek and the settings are quite good. Allen has handled the titled subject many times before and since this film came out. Yet even if it isn't always funny, it's quite interesting.

My Rating = Three Stars

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