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The Long Riders


Roger Davidson

Long Riders, The
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This is an pretty good film. It's in the vein of the "Wild Bunch" in the way of the camera work and the violence. This is the second western of the week, directed from a pupil of Sam Peckinpah. His name is Walter Hill, director of other such films as 48 Hrs. and Trespass. The story revolves around four famed western siblings that are played by four famed acting siblings.

The brothers are the Younger's (David, Keith and Robert Carradine), the James brothers (Stacy and James Keach), the Miller's (Randy and Dennis Quaid) and the Ford's (Christopher and Nicholas Guest). The film tells of their adventures as bank robbers, wanted men and western Robin Hoods. The directing is good but the acting by the four groups of siblings is truly wonderful. It's always got some sort of bloody shoot-out, including one of the final scenes which takes place in Minnesota. The brothers are trying to rob a bank but the entire town is ready for them. I can tell you no more for fear of ruining a good story.

My Rating = Three Stars

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