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Lonesome Dove


Roger Davidson

Lonesome Dove
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Here is a film you mustn't pass up. Based on Larry McMurtry's Pulitzer prize winning novel, this Emmy-award winning western tells the story of two ex-Texas rangers (Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones), who decide to lead a 2500 mile cattle drive from Texas to Montana. The old rangers run into a lot of trouble along the way. The trouble starts with Blue Duck (Frederic Forrest), a deadly Comanche, who has kidnapped the only female member of their group, a prostitute Lorena Wood (Diane Lane). Not only that, they have to brave the rough wilderness, face a gang of dangerous horse thieves and cross Indian territory to finally reach the beautiful Montana country.

Fantastic performances by the leads, Jones and Duvall, as well as the wonderful period settings make this a funny, tragic and exciting tale. The supporting cast is excellent too. Ricky Schroder as Newt, the youngest member of the group, Tim Scott as Pea Eye, a good friend of Jones and especially Anjelica Huston as Clara Allen, an old flame of Duvall's, who is now a horse wrangler in Nebraska. The script is well written, giving an excellent western flavor to the people and their accents. One of the best miniseries ever to come around, this is one I'd definitely rent the next time I was in the video store.

My Rating = Four Stars

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