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Lone Star


Roger Davidson

Lone Star
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Director John Sayles once again makes a movie with an interesting plot, realistic characters and some extremely good dialogue. Something Hollywood has seemed to have forgotten these days. Sayles offers a compelling mystery that revolves around a skeleton that is found in the desert, around the Texas-Mexico border. Chris Cooper portrays the Sheriff of a dying Texas town, who makes it his duty to find out who the person was before he died. After extensive clue hunting, Cooper believes it was the body of the much hated Sheriff, Charlie Wade (Kris Kristofferson), who disappeared one night back in the 50's. Cooper believes it was murder. Now, he reopens a 40 year old case, that may have involved Cooper's father (A Time to Kill's Matthew McConaughey), the Sheriff that took Kristofferson's place - The Sheriff who is as much loved as Kristofferson was hated!

Sayles has proven that he was not just a fluke of the 80's and that he can hold his own against any big time director of the 90's. The movie consistently flows back and forth between the past and the present, with graceful and elegant ease. The performances are excellent, including a surprising character turn for Kris, who I usually don't think much of as an actor. Joe Morton (Terminator 2) and Elizabeth Pena offer strong support. Morton is an army colonel, who has a strained relationship with both his elderly father and his son. Pena plays the local schoolteacher, who Cooper used to be in love with when they were teens, and who is having her own problems with her own mother, an illegal immigrant from years past. The underlying theme of the film seems to be the strained generation gap between the various characters. Cooper, who has some unpleasant memories of his much-loved father. Pena with her mother. Morton with his father and son. An excellent drama, and one that you should at least att empt to see while it's still in theaters.

My Rating = Four Stars

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