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Little Giants


Roger Davidson

Little Giants
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A heavily cliched, brainless rehash of the Bad News Bears-Mighty Ducks formula, which involves a group of misfits who form a pee-wee football team. The group is coached by one of the players geeky dad (Rick Moranis), who is basically doing this to show up his brother (Married...With Children's Ed O'Neill), a former gridiron legend. They don't get along very well, and it shows when both their teams face off with each other.

Even with half a dozen writers working on the story, this still turns into a by-the-numbers comedy, where the underdogs triumph over their foes and everyone's a sore winner-loser. I do not hesitate to use the words "Gag Me!" Moranis has played this type of role one too many times. So has O'Neill, doing his usual unlovable creep act. A real snorefest, for those of you who don't have the patience to slog it out to the end.

My Rating = One Star

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