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The Life of Brian


Roger Davidson

Life of Brian, The
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Without a doubt Monty Python's most hysterical motion picture by far, this spoof of the life of Christ is bound to offend somebody, somewhere, at some time. People shouldn't take it too seriously. It is a comedy! Graham Chapman plays the title character, a man who is mistaken for the new messiah and whose life takes a turn for the worse because of this misunderstanding.

You wouldn't believe some of the stuff that Britain's bad boys fit into this. The humor is so surprisingly original, that at first you can't help but to stop and ponder the moment. Then a second later, you can't stop yourself from rolling on the ground with laughter. Stay through to the very last scene. The climax is a real gem. Definitely for Python fans. And don't forget the magic words that never fail to get a laugh! "Biggus Dickus".

My Rating = Four Stars

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