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Liar, Liar


Roger Davidson

Liar, Liar
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Jim Carrey has finally rebounded from the disaster of The Cable Guy. Carrey plays a lawyer, who constantly lies and makes promises he never intends to keep. This habit is drawing him further away from his young son. One day, he lies about being delayed from coming to his son's birthday party. So, as a birthday wish, his son asks that his father go one whole day without telling a single lie. Even the small little white lies!! That's when the movie really gets going!

For 24 hours, Carrey cannot get a single lie to come out of his throat. Because of this inability to fabricate, some major problems crop up at his job. It gets even worse, since he's defending a client (Jennifer Tilly) who is trying to sue her millionaire husband in order to gain a load of money. Problem is Tilly's a little shady herself, so normally Carrey would try and lie his way around such details. Not today however!

Carrey's usual rubber-faced antics are used to perfection here. They work mainly due to the fact that he uses such talents, only when it is needed for the plot. Take for instance the scene in which Carrey attempts to will himself to lie about a pen being red, when it is actually royal blue. The results are sidesplitting and that scene alone reminds us of why Carrey is a great comic talent. The movie does go a little overboard from time to time (but would it be a Carrey film if it didn't), and there is still the usual problem of Carrey having no solid supporting characters in his films. But most of the time, this film is a load of fun.

My Rating = Three Stars

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