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Leonard, Part 6


Roger Davidson

Leonard, Part 6
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A banal secret agent spoof, this one should have been shot into Deep space. Bill Cosby plays the title role, an aging spy sent to stop a mad villainess, who uses animals to knock off fellow agents, from taking over the world, . Along the way, he finds a chance to patch things up with his ex-wife and his estranged daughter, making this movie longer than it needs to be. True it's only 85 minutes, but that won't stop you from checking your watch every ten seconds.

Cosby himself thought this was a piece of crap and did a thing that most actors tend not to do, even if the films are bad. Trash it in advance. Usually, that's afterwards. That's what Cosby did and it's a shame that he didn't think of this before he agreed to do the project. If any of you care, there were (thankfully) no earlier Leonard's. The "Part 6" of the title is supposed to be an attempt at humor. Like this movie, it was so funny, I forgot to laugh.

My Rating = One Star

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