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Last Tango in Paris


Roger Davidson

Last Tango in Paris
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One of the most controversial films of it's time, this still gets a good deal of flack for it's explicit portrait of a tragic relationship developed by a chance meeting between two people. It deals with an expatriate American (Marlon Brando), who in the process of renting out an apartment, meets a seductive young French-woman (Maria Schneider). Brando immediately decides to form a relationship on a deal with Schneider, which is that no questions be asked about each others identities. Their sexual encounters become stranger and stranger, each one containing violent reactions (physical and mental) from Brando. He's mainly just trying to fill the void left by the suicide of his wife.

If you're as morbid about love and death as director Bernardo Bertolucci (or myself), you should definitely give this a shot. It contains some sumptuous camera work by Vittorio Storaro and one of the best performances of Brando's career. Only he could put such a combination of brutality, violence, passion, lust and fury into this one role. Schneider is quite attractive, though a little mediocre acting wise. Yet her pairing with Brando is oddly perfect. The film has this strange way of stirring you in the erotic way, while at the same time repelling you from the subject matter. By now, it seems obvious that this is not for all tastes. Still, for fans of Brando, Bertolucci and the grim surrealism of the story, you'll probably put this in your top ten list.

My Rating = Four Stars

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