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Roger Davidson

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Most of the reviews I've read on this film have heavily panned it. Mainly for all the incredibly disgusting sight gags. When I finally sat down and watched it, I had serious doubts. When the film was over, I couldn't help but continuously replay all the hysterical moments that happened in the film. It involves an aging bowling player (Woody Harrelson), who lost his good bowling hand in a rather bizarre accident (which I won't tell here). He believes he has found his salvation from a hopeless life, when he comes across the talents of a plucky Amish kid (Randy Quaid). So Harrelson, a hustler, decides to take Quaid under his wing and use him in all types of scams. Things, as they always seem to do in comedies like this, do not go according to plan.

By this time, I'm sure some of you are saying "Come on", but the two stars are actually quite good and funny. The supporting cast doesn't have as much luck. Vanessa Angel is in a painfully thankless role as the female member of Harrelson's hustling team. Bill Murray is even more annoying and badly used as Harrelson's sleazy competition. Still, the outrageous assortment of gags will keep you in stitches and rolling on the floor. And Harrelson, despite what some of the reviews say, proves that he can act up a storm with the best of them.

My Rating = Three Stars

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