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King Kong


Roger Davidson

King Kong
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The mother of all giant monster movies! Still thrilling and captivating after all these years!! Forget the 1976 remake-bomb of this unforgettable classic. The amazing stop-motion effects are still as fantastic as they were in 1933. The story follows rich filmaker, Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) on his hunt for the mythical giant ape Kong, to New York, where Kong is put on display for the city people. However, Kong gives the people of the city a real show, when he breaks his chains and takes off into the streets, causing destruction wherever he goes. The big ape does this in the name of love. And of course, that love is the lovely Fay Wray as Ann Darrow, the most-well remembered damsel in distress.

Sound cliche. Probably because this is a film that invented a few cliches of it's own. The final climactic scene atop the Empire State Building has become as beloved as the "Odessa steps" sequence in Potemkin. But there's more to the film than just that. Much more! Plenty of great action scenes and unsurpassed animation make this a timeless film, year after year.

My Rating = Four Stars

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