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The King of Comedy


Roger Davidson

King of Comedy, The
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Martin Scorsese is a very talented director, but he usually does one type of movie, featuring some of the same characters. Most of his films have violent outcomes and have people you wouldn't want to meet anywhere save within two feet from a police station. This one is different. Robert De Niro (Scorsese's frequent star) portrays Rupertt Pupkin, a down-on-his-luck comedian, who is trying to make it in the entertainment industry. He keeps trying to get on a TV show of his idol, Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis), but tries too hard and ends up in trouble. Finally, with the help of his Langford-obsessed friend (Sandra Bernhard), he kidnaps and ransoms Lewis for a spot on Lewis' TV show.

Hilarious black comedy, with some convincing performances, especially by De Niro as the obnoxious Pupkin. The most impressive performance comes from Bernhard, who usually is better on TV than she is in movies. The maddeningly, slow pace and some gaping plot holes can be ignored. Pay rapt attention to people who are speaking and you might catch some very subtle humor.

My Rating = Three Stars

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