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The Killer


Roger Davidson

The Killer
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Acclaimed Hong Kong director John Woo's first film to gain a following among western audiences, this pulp melodrama involves the unique relationship between a hitman (Chow Yun Fat), a singer he blinds by accident (Sally Yeh) and the cop (Danny Lee) hot on his trail. Fat must also deal with the mob, who have welshed on a deal they made with him and now want him out of the picture.

I tell you, you'd have to look far and wide to find any better action scenes than the ones in this film. Good characters, a suspenseful story and fantastic action set pieces put most American action pictures to shame. Fat, Woo's frequent star, gives an hypnotic performance in the title role, and that finale rivals The Wild Bunch's.

Note to readers: Keep watching this week for further reviews of John Woo, who some have called "the successor to Peckinpah".

My Rating = Four Stars

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